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Novelty products for dogs. They are so awesome they deserve to be spoiled, always!
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About us

About a year ago, my husband and I spoke about what a significant part of our family our pets are and came up with the idea of Gingerpaws… Now to understand what Gingerpaws is, you have to understand who we are as a family.


We are CHRISTMAS & DOGS!! That’s it! That pretty much sums us up in only a few words.


If we lived in America, we would probably blend in during the festive season, but alas, we don’t live there, and during Christmas time we stand out, a lot, as in our house can probably be spotted from space.  We are obsessed and in love with everything that Christmas is and things that surround this wonderful and magical time of each year… The lights, the carols, the decorations, time with family & the festivities celebrating the birth of Christ.  With a huge Christmas tree with decorations from across the world and Christmas pet outfits to choose from, we are pretty settled into the feel of Christmas.


We both have a very special type of love for pets (dogs in particular) and have always been actively involved in charity work for dog and cat shelters.  As a school teacher, I started a Christmas Collection and Competition at my school 7 years ago… The way the learners get involved every year, to help make the festive season special for those pets in need too, has been absolutely beautiful and has grown from me taking all the food collected, in the back of my UNO to collecting 1,7 tons of dog and cat food in one month in 2014!! WOW!


As we are still a young family, barely in our 30’s, our dogs feel like our children and play the role of our children in our lives, going away with us on holiday, visiting family, play dates with their doggy friends, sleeping in our bed (even though they have the most wonderful bed of their own) and are treated with the best doggy lives that any dog could dream of… But yet, sometimes during the festive season, with so much hustle and bustle going on, they are left out of the festivities, and we wanted to find a way to make sure, every day, has something special and “Christmassy” in store for them as well.  We remembered how much fun it was as children, having a Christmas Advent Calendar, and the excitement of opening up that little window, every morning, counting down the days before Christmas and enjoying that small and yet so special and significant treat every day… It really just seemed to add to the magic of the Festive Season.  We wanted to do that for our pets too, and thus the idea of our Doggy Advent Calendars. With many more ideas to follow next year, including a Cat Advent Calendar, you cannot go wrong with Gingerpaws…  Because with Gingerpaws, we are in the business of making your pets a part of Christmas, and making Christmas a special part of your pet’s year…


‘cause Pets are Family, and they love Christmas too!!

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