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Novelty products for dogs. They are so awesome they deserve to be spoiled, always!
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Doggy Advent Calendar?

An Advent Calendar traditionally was given to kids, and adults, by loved ones, in order to enjoy the run up to Christmas. Our Advent Calendars are created with love so that your dogs can share in the joy of Christmas with you.

Every day you open one of the windows and retrieve the treat of the day, counting down the days to Christmas, with your dogs.

Gingerpaws is the first to bring out this product in South Africa and this product has been a huge success in the UK & USA.


What size is the calendar?

The calendar is in a rectangular shape of 26cm x 35cm x 1,5cm.


What type of treats are inside?

We have teamed up with Vondi’s Pet Nutrition to make special, star-shaped, biscuits in their three best selling flavours. These flavours are; Mint + rooibos, Coconut Oil & Spirulina. Our 2 yorkies love  these treats so we are confident yours will want all 24 on the first day.


Who makes the treats?

The treats are from a South African supplier that is registered with the Pet Food Industry of South Africa (PFI). This means they are certified and very good for your dog. You can check them out at


Will I receive the exact calendar, with the illustrations on, that I ordered?

Gingerpaws will strive as far a possible to send you the calendar with the correct illustrations on.  If however a certain choice of illustration is out of stock, you will be notified by mail, and have the choice of either receiving a different illustrated calendar or Gingerpaws will refund your money. But lets face it each piece of artwork is amazing and the intention is for your dog to enjoy Christmas with you 🙂


What is a Gingerpaws Dog Box?

A Gingerpaws Dog Box is a novelty box aimed at making a doggy’s life as awesome as possible. We have a range of boxes being launched throughout the year and each one serves a different need. Each box contains at least something to chew on, something to play with, something to look good in, a custom birthday card, some treats, a gift for the parents and also some stuff we think you may need.


Where do you get your treats from?

We use a variety of suppliers. The treats have been tested by Lucy and Lily, our two Yorkies, and they love’em so we are sure your dogs will too!


How does the Gingerpaws Boxes give back via #shelterfund

#shelterfund was set up specifically to help the needy. We use the fund to assist in any way possible and especially where needed. We help a range of shelters and also not so fortunate dog lovers with anything they may need to take the best care of their dogs. R10 from each box sale goes towards #shelterfund. For more info on what we have done so far please contact us. If you’d like to get involved in #shelterfund then please let us know.


Once I order, when will I get my box?

Your box will be couriered to you within 3-8 week days.


Do you send tracking information?

Yes we do. You will receive a tracking number via email to confirm your parcel has been processed and is on its way.


I’d love to work with Gingerpaws Pets

If you have a press related inquiry, partnership opportunity, or any products you’d like to let our team know about, send an email to


How can I contact Customer Support?

Please send us a mail on or via our contact form on the webpage. Please be sure to include as much info as possible so we can help you as quickly as possible.

Do I pay  courier fees?

Yes, You will be charged for courier, at cost, to your specific area in South Africa. Shipping charges are based on averages and also the weight and size of the package.

We use Fastway Couriers to send our packages. You will receive a tracking number for your parcel once it has been processed.

Shipping on Advent Calendars are charged per order where as boxes will be charged per box.

Where did the artwork/illustrations for the calendars come from?

All our illustrations are created by our awesome Director of Art, Kristin van Lieshout.  The artwork for all our products are created especially and specifically for Gingerpaws. We love the authenticity and extreme beauty captured in each illustration. The artworks are sketched and then painted in different mediums after which they are then reworked to digital format to the highest resolution they can go after which they end up on our cool products.


Can I contact the Artist for custom work?

Yes you can. Please send a mail to and let us know what you have in mind. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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