Meet the Team



I’m a Primary School Creative Arts teacher.  I love working with children, and especially having the fun subjects (Music, Dance, Drama & Art), it is amazing to see how children can express themselves.  I run an annual Christmas drive for our local SPCA and the pupils of my school’s involvement is always fantastic.


In my free time I love to bake, cook and find exciting, new and challenging things to do… But most of all… I love Christ, my family, my dogs and music.  I’m so blessed and I think that is one of the reasons why I love Christmas so much.  It’s a beautiful time for family and friends to come together, to rejoice in the birth of Jesus Christ.  All the decorations, beautiful Christmas songs and lights, just add to the magic that is Christmas.


My husband, Bertus, and my dogs are my life! Lucy & Lily really are our children and we love to take them everywhere with us.  The mommy is Ginger, the children have Paws… hence Gingerpaws.



I’m an artist who loves Jesus, my family, and art! I love communicating through art, and making things beautiful for others to enjoy.


I grew up in Clinton, Mississippi, USA where I did art all through school.  When I graduated high school, I went on to university where I studied art and received both my Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Fine Art.  After finishing my Master’s in 2010, I went overseas to do missions.  While there, I met my husband, who is a pastor at a church and we currently live in Johannesburg, South Africa.  I spend my time teaching private art lessons, creating book illustrations, and selling my art through Etsy.


To view more of my art work, you can visit my Etsy shop,   or find me on Facebook



Bought as a puppy from a “fancy” breeder, we had Lucy for only 5 days, when she landed up in hospital for a week long, with cat flu… Weighing only 630 grams, we thought that Lucy would not make it… But this tiny little fighter has got the spirit of a lion in her, and overcame her illness, just to become the spunkiest, cutest little mongrel that you will ever meet.  Hopping like a rabbit instead of running, and jumping ridiculously high, this little terrier keeps us on our toes.

Lucy loves snuggles and napping in the sun (or in front of a heater), LOVES her husky every morning and knows exactly where her treats are and the key words describing these delicious “happy moments” of her day, willing to give a high five (sometimes a high ten) and do a little dance every time.



As a chocolate yorky, with a little freckle on her nose, Lily is one of the most stubborn little doggies you will ever meet.  If she decides to ignore you, you can pick her up and swing her around, and yet she will not make eye contact with you.  But stubborn is just one characteristic of this cute little terrier…

She greets you every morning, by literally yowling hallo! (fine, it sounds like it because we’re her parents;-).  She “backchats” (loudly and proudly) whenever you reprimand her for being naughty and will give you the biggest pearly toothed smile whenever you ask her to do so.