Sunkist Garden Pavilion

Updated Dec 2017: Not Pet Friendly anymore 🙁 

It’s true! Here at Gingerpaws we are endeavoring to spend this year visiting Pet Friendly Places. Some of them are new, and some may be old favourites which you didn’t even know Fido would be welcome at 🙂


We have always known about this nursery close to our house but we never knew they were Pet Friendly. So when we realised this we leashed up the pups, grabbed the backpack with all their stuff and walked over…that’s how close it is! It is a beautiful nursery with a tea garden in the back (although this is more of a restaurant now than tea garden). Somewhere on the R23 between the R21 and N12 on the way to Benoni you will find Sunkist Pavilion and Tea Garden.


A beautiful place within a beautiful place.

The Coffee shop is situated in a separate building within the Nursery. There are loads of options for seating. Choose from the outside area with concrete tables and umbrellas, or the play area for kiddies (on a patio that is linked to the building) or, if you prefer, you can sit inside. The interior is simplistic yet stylish. The space feels vast thanks to the exposed trusses and high ceiling. The main counter in front boasts with a massive blackboard menu on the wall, making your selection very easy. The fireplace chimney stack is decorated with colourful teapots on little shelves all the way up to the ceiling. The atmosphere is inviting and friendly.

Upon arrival we were greeted kindly and asked where we’d like to sit. Now this in itself was pretty cool, seeing as most places that claim to be pet friendly don’t allow the dogs inside. At Sunkist we were offered seating inside as it was a chilly day and we gladly accepted the offer. Lucy and Lily are well behaved so we took out their paddy (our term for their utterly soft pillow that looks like a bunny) and they sat quietly making friends with everyone who came by.

We started out with coffee as always (we looove coffee!). Sunkist uses only Illy beans for their coffee and their Barista made a nice cappuccino. Breakfast was ordered and we were delighted at the reasonable pricing and generous portions. Lucy and Lily ordered a chicken breast cut up into pieces, and everyone at the table was served their meals at the same time. Sadly, they served Lucy and Lily’s meal in a polystyrene container… luckily we take Lucy and Lily’s travel bowl everywhere we go, so we popped it in there and all was good.

We often determine how pet friendly a place really is by how they serve the needs of your pet. We find that we need to ask for water at most places yet the really pet friendly ones will have a bowl of water ready within minutes of sitting down. Most places don’t have dog bowls for water so they bring it in some sort of container, mostly a polystyrene container, which is what we got here too.

This place is not just pet friendly but also kid friendly with a massive kiddies play area. This great for 2 reasons, firstly the parents can sit and relax with a coffee whilst the kids are playing, and secondly because they won’t have to go to Spur 😀


But how is the cake?

Any meal on an outing must be rounded off with a slice of cake. Sunkist has the most scrumptious chocolate Bar One cake in the world!! It’s true!! I have actually sent my husband back for “cake-aways” a few times. Life is too short to not have cake so be sure to try a piece when you visit.


Keep your doggies on a leash.

As we left and walked through the nursery we were greeted by two bigger dogs that were off of their leashes. One of the pooches wasn’t too friendly but luckily we picked Lucy and Lily up very quickly so it was all fine. Please remember to always keep your dogs on a leash no matter how well behaved you may think they are. We don’t know whose dogs they were but the staff at Sunkist were very quick in getting them back to their owners.


We had a great time.
All in all this was a good experience. The service and food was amazing and we will most certainly be back, not just because we can take a quick walk here 🙂

Some Photos of the outing

Sunkist Garden Pavilion


Tel082 809 6258
Address: 311 High Road (Road R23 route), Pomona
GPS Coordinates: -26.113911, 28.294842

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