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Like most people, we love to spend our weekends by getting out of the house doing fun things.  As the parents of two awesome furry kids, it isn’t always nice having to leave them at home… seeing those two sad faces and their tails slowly losing “the wag”, as we leave the house, without them. So we decided, this is the year!! 2017 we’re going to go spend a lot more “outside” (away from home) time with Lucy and Lily☺ and so we will be visiting a lot of pet-friendly spots around South Africa.

If you Google Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Gauteng, there are a couple of very nice websites that list a variety of restaurants that are pet-friendly, but the information on each restaurant is very limited and mostly 2nd hand information.

This is why we decided that we are going to spend this year, not only testing out some of these awesome pet-friendly places but dedicate our time in finding some new places, maybe some of your old-time favourites, that you never even knew would allow you to bring your furry family member along.  As most places on these websites are only based in Pretoria and Johannesburg, we want to broaden the horizon a bit.

Please follow us on our blog, as we explore and discover some awesome pro’s, and maybe some cons to different pet friendly locations, with some first-hand experience and a couple of photos, and hopefully we’ll see you at one of them some day☺

To start off with, we decided to write our first blog about an awesome pet friendly restaurant, nestled in the heart of Menlo Park – The Daily.


A: Greenlyn Village Centre, Cnr. Mackenzie & 13th Streets, Menlo Park, Gauteng
T: 012 346 0555
Facebook: Menlo Park

Hours: Monday – Saturday 7am – 5pm, Sundays – 8am – 3pm

A Shaky Start:

We had a bit of a shaky start, when our table that we booked (we phoned earlier that morning), was unfortunately not ready when we arrived.  Luckily, with such a wonderfully warm atmosphere, with doggies walking and sitting around with their people, all around the gardens, we didn’t mind too much, and our waitress, Lindiwe, was very quick and efficient in sorting out a nice table for us, underneath the shade of a big tree.

Just how dog-friendly could they be?

We were aware that The Daily is dog-friendly from all the chatter on the proverbial grapevine but boy, were we amazed at just how much. There is a big lawn with a play-gym for children right in the middle of the property that connects all the areas together. There are so many awesome spots to sit at with plenty of shade. What’s great is that there are hooks in the ground to which you can tie your dog’s leash. This allows your “kid” to run around but also stay close by. When Lindiwe brought our drinks, she also kindly brought Lucy and Lily a bowl of water, which Lucy very happily accepted.

Another cool thing is that THE DOGGIES HAVE THEIR OWN MENUS!! How awesome is that!! The Daily has complimentary doggy biscuits as starters, and then there is a selection of 3 different entrees to choose from. Lucy and Lily looked at it but couldn’t tell us what they wanted so they got nothing…just kidding…they shared a “Chicken a la hound” (200g chicken breast flame grilled and sliced) and a “Leaning tower of Pooch” (3 x beef patties stack (100g total).  Needless to say, they absolutely LOVED it!! The meal can be followed up with a Pupsicle for dessert. What an awesome idea, perfectly executed.

Humans can eat too:

Not only was the Doggy Menu a hit, the grown-ups also had a lovely menu to choose from.  Everything we had was very tasty and very fairly priced. The coffee was excellent too…this is a great plus for the husband!  The service we received was really very good and we couldn’t find any fault.

The atmosphere was wonderful, with at least 20 doggies and their owners, during the course of the afternoon.  Two pups playing on the soft green grass and a cheeky little chatty chap sending everyone on a barking frenzy for a couple of seconds every now and then, with a Labrador quietly napping under an umbrella, next to her owner having a coffee.

We will DEFINITELY be back to enjoy a laid-back Sunday afternoon. Give them a try, it truly was a great experience.


Some Photos of the outing

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